Kat Mottram

Owner/Project Manager/Writer/Designer

Qualifications: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth - Fine Arts Program; 25 years business & project management with Scrum Master certification; 10 years digital marketing experience including website construction & design; 5 years copywriting & content writing.

My Story:

I was a painter.

With big canvases, palette knives, and acrylic paints I brought to life complex creations bursting with colors and textures. I’m still a painter at heart - I see the world in color and textures and will come to a standstill when I see the most perfect light shining on something. I was the artistic kid in high school. The one everyone expected to go to art school and do something beautiful with her life. And, I would have - until I let one too many people tell me I could never make a living with art. Instead, I went into business.

I know. 180 degree difference, right?

The thing is, I really love both. In the business world, I was able to balance managing people and complicated projects which makes my Virgoan heart happy. In the art world, I was able to bring all the creative ideas bubbling around my brain into tangible form to inspire others and connect with them on a different level. By day, I managed multi-million dollar businesses for other people. And at night, I’d grab a charcoal stick and bring fantastic creations to life in stained overalls and a red bandana.

When I had my first child, everything came to a screeching halt. With a full head of dark messy hair, he entered this world limp and breath-less. From that moment on, there was no room for anything other than his recovery. My world became his therapy schedule, seizure tracking, and behavior modulation. My journey through motherhood has defined me - strengthened me - taught me what’s truly important in this world. It’s broken me, molded me, and re-birthed me as a woman who is still that joyful painter inside, but who has a much deeper appreciation for all the beautiful nuances around me in this world.

After my other two children came along, I learned how to channel my creative heart into the digital world. Leveraging 25 years of management skills with 40 years of artistic skills, over the last decade I’ve created a virtual business that allows me to mesh all the parts of me, together, in a way that can help others expand and grow.

I can see the potential for graphic design, business organization, and brand positioning when we sit and talk about who you are and what you do. From years of customer interactions, I understand how someone will react when they land on your website. I’m not just a website designer or copywriter or project manager. I bring all those skills to the table to create something cohesive and truly yours. I help you visually communicate your brand, in your voice, to reach your objectives. What I offer is uniquely positioned to work for YOU. 

What I teach my kids about being a good person is how I live my life. Integrity matters. I want you to love what I create and be proud to show off your end result. Together, we will define your business in a way that feels best to you, and then roll you out into the world!

Sara Greenwood

Graphic Designer

Sara’s story is coming soon. We know you’re excited!

Spoiler Alert: She has the most intelligent cat on the planet named Blitz who loves to go for long walks on a leash and chase anything he finds interesting. She loves the New England Patriots, the Red Sox, and those little chocolate eggs that only come out at Easter time.

Oh, and she’s been a graphic designer for 19 years.

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