Our Thoughts. Your Efforts.

Maybe your current site needs a little freshening up? Or you’d love a fresh set of eyes on your current copy? Perhaps you’d appreciate some helpful ideas but plan to do the actual implementation yourself. Whatever the case may be, Rising Moons Media has a decade of experience offering helpful ideas to revamp your look, text, and overall design to increase sales and attract customers by making your information and site more user-friendly and relatable.

We can meet in person or over Zoom to talk through our suggestions. You will receive an actionable checklist and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We encourage you to pick our brains while we meet! Just make sure your hands are clean.



You love collaboration, appreciate outside ideas, and know you’re on the right track but haven’t quite nailed it yet. You’re ready for an upgrade and are going to execute the changes yourself. Go team!

We’ll need all the information you’d like us to make recommendations for one week in advance of our meeting. Pick which service or services you’d like us to review and make suggestions for: website, copywriting, design/branding.

1 hour Consultation: $550 (one service)

2 hour Consultation: $1050 (two services)

3 hour Consultation: $1600 (three services)