The Story of Rising Moons Media

Years ago, the owner of the company’s husband, threw up his hands in the kitchen when their kids were swarming underfoot. With an exasperated smile he huffed they were like his moons, always revolving, never stopping.

As those three moons are learning how take on the world, Rising Moons Media is helping their clients do the same. We help you rise bigger and brighter with each passing day until you are fully able to shine your light on the world.

…Are we really this corny?


And the thing is - we mean it.

We are a company who believes in, and values family and friends. We’ve had amazing role models in our lives for parents and have a tight circle of friends we can depend on no matter what. We carry these same values forward into our business with our clients.

The Three Moons, pausing for a moment to smile.

The Three Moons, pausing for a moment to smile.

What Do We Offer?

Rising Moons Media offers a gamut of services to help you launch your business into the world.

Where some companies offer stellar technical skills but fall short on the design side, or deliver beautiful graphics but an organizationally-challenged website, we step up to offer you everything you could possibly need to launch your business online: 

  • High functioning, mobile-optimized websites.

  • Head-to-toe branding to convey a clear message of who you are.

  • Media materials to present yourself consistently and with impact.

  • The right words, at the right time, presented in the right way.

  • Understanding customer needs, expectations, and reactions.

  • Years of project management experience to keep your projects organized, on track, and within budget.

  • Cohesive launch, or reinvention, of your business online and in print.

  • No need to hire a writer, a web developer, a brand strategist, and a graphic designer - It’s all right here in one company!

Stepping into the world as a business can be intimidating and overwhelming. With Rising Moons Media by your side, your experience will be seamless…and dare we say it?